Where to find Lycamobile Offices In Uganda

Lycamobile data rates and where to find Simcards

Lycamobile is the fastest growing telecommunication service providers offering the best and fastest internet at the lowest prices affordable by any Ugandan. Besides its being international, Lycamobile was recently introduced in Uganda. Lycamobile in Uganda works under her parent company Tangerine Limited that has operated in Uganda since 2008.

Lycamobile Uganda CEO Vinay Choudary says that the company is committed to stay here and is now set to grow, expand and extend its network coverage to 90% of Uganda’s geographical boundary within five years. So for those Ugandans who still don’t find the network signals of Lycamobile should be hopeful that in few months or years Lycamobile will be at their Conner.

Lycamobile Calls and Data rates


Offer Name Prices(UGX) DATA International Mins(Lyca to Lyca) National Mins(Lyca to Lyca) National Text
UG Super 15,000/= 20GB/30 Days Unlimited Unlimited 50
UG Mega 30,000/= 50GB/30days Unlimited Unlimited 50
UG Giga 50,000/= 100GB/30 Days Unlimited Unlimited
——— ——– —— ——- ———
Weekly S 1,500/= 500MB/7 Days 50 50
Weekly M  8,000/= 5GB/7 Days 100 100 20
Weekly L 10,000/= 10GB/7 Days 100 100 20
Daily Data 750/= 250MB/24 Hrs

NOTE: OTT will be included on all the bundles that cost UGX 25,000 & above without any additional charges

Lycamobile Pre-paid Plans & Airtime are available to purchase at any Payway agent.

Where to find Lycamobile SimCards

Find Lycamobile Uganda, Head Office; Plot 77 Yusuf Lule Road; Opp. Garden City Main Entrance; Nakasero Kampala- PO Box 37136.They operate from 8:30am to 5:30pm on weekdays and 9am to 2pm on Saturday. Closed on public holidays.

You can also buy Lycamobile simcards from their agents at Posta Uganda, once you enter the Posta Uganda building, you will see the lycamobile agents office on the left hand side.

To contact Lycamobile Customer Service Care:

  •  Dial +256726100100 Charges applicable as per the service provider you use for calling.
  • Or email at cs@lycamobile.ug

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