Airtel giving out smart phones on a loan scheme – Kwata Esimu

The need to boost the use of the internet in Uganda, Airtel Uganda has partnered with MasterCard, Asante, and Samsung and have introduced  the “Kwata Esimu” Promotion. This is a service that will allow Airtel Subscribers to borrow Samsung Smartphones at lower prices from Airtel.

Customers should not expect to get a high-end Galaxy S series smartphone with Kwata Essimu but they should expect to get Samsung phones such as Samsung A11 S, Samsung A3 Core, Samsung A01, Samsung A12 S on entry-level. The repayment plan will be upon the customer to choose to pay either 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, or tenure of 10 months.

To enjoy this service, you must be registered on Airtel money that you can be able to pay back easily. Airtel will also track your usage of Airtel money and your reputation on the Wewole service. Therefore, if you wish to grab a good Samsung smartphone here is the way you can get started.

Dial Dial *284*49#

Here you will check either you are eligible to hook up with a Samsung smart phone Kwata esimu. So your current eligibility status will be displayed on the screen. If you are eligible you will then be prompted to select option 1.

Once you select option 1, a list of Samsung smartphones you are eligible to will be displayed on screen.

You can further choose an option corresponding to the smart phone model that you prefer. Once you are done, you will need to visit any Airtel service center with your national ID.

You will then need to pay a deposit of an initial payment in order to receive your brand new Samsung Smartphone. And start paying the balance in later installments.

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