Profitable businesses you can start in Uganda at small capital 2022

Profitable businesses you can start in Uganda at small capital: Uganda has become a hard to search place for opportunities. Many youths are stuck trying to make light out of the shadow. However, people must know that Uganda is a land that supports a lot of opportunities both in the private sector and Government. If you studied and failed to secure a good-paying job, don’t just sit and relax, there are so many business opportunities that you can start to start earning.

Yes, people make real money in Uganda by doing different activities. These people make their own principle to run a business and put in the commitment, trust, and patience. There are so many Graduated Ugandans who failed to secure Jobs but through business, they are earning a lot of cash even more than the Jobs they wished to get.

NB: To succeed in a business, stop allowing idol friends to stage around you or your business area. Stop unnecessary loans such as lending or borrowing. Be real have faith and be patient perhaps you will succeed.

However, here are the small-scale businesses you can start at a small capital and expand later

#1 Sell a service online:

Internet usage has adversely increased in Uganda. People use the internet today to socialize, and also search for goods to buy. In Uganda, there are many free sites where you can sell your goods or any service. The likes of Jumia, Jiji, , Kikubo Online, and among others are good examples of this business. Many of you have more than 1,000 friends and followers of social media, you can also start to sell your products within that cycle as it will grow slowly by slowly. Join WhatsApp or Facebook groups to promote your product or service. Many people have earned a lot of cash through selling products and services online. Ask Jumia affiliates or

NB:Post your service frequently and don’t lose hope.

#2 Second-Hand Clothes “Kikade” and Shoes

With this business, if you have less than 500,000 UGX capital, it’s better to first specialize in one niche. Deal either in women’s or men’s clothing. Don’t do both!. Analyze the clothes that people buy in your area and strictly deal in those, in fact, you will get customers, grow your capital and diversify. To start fairly, have a minimum of 100,000UGX. You can decide to make a boutique or Join daily markets

#3 Mobile Money Service

With just 500,000 you can start up a good mobile money business anywhere in Uganda. You just need to get Mobile money agents lines and a place or kiosk for your location. People today use mobile money to send and receive money. The advice I give is, have Airtel and MTN. These two lines will make for you some good commission per month. It is very easy to process for those agent lines mostly if you approach the MTN or Airtel main branch offices.

#4 Social Media Influencer.

Do you see how Sheila Gashumba has made herself a brand? Besides her father’s assistance, she has also put in much effort and knowledge to make her a brand through social media. Find something you can do best in order to get many followers. You will start to sell services or become an advertising agent of any company.

NB: Frequently post on social media

#5 Stationery Or Printing

Get a second-hand computer and a fair-priced printer. Set up a typing and printing place anywhere. People now need such services all over Uganda. Or look for a university and negotiate with the Dean to permit you to type or print handouts for students.

NB: Frequently use Microsoft Word application to expertise

#6 Fuel pump

This business is more favorable in Villages. Set up a fuel pump or locate yourself at any road to sell Diesel or Petrol. Consistency will earn you a lot of money to diversify your business.

#7 Charcoal

Charcoal has a lot of demand besides the presence of other energy cooking options. Almost all households in Urban places use Charcoal In Uganda. Locate yourself and start making your self-living

#8 Phone Repair Shop

If you have the passion to repair anything that is spoilt, then your passion will get you skilled. Acquire the skill by telling those people already in this business to teach you. Just within 3months, you will be an expert in Phone repair. Those who studied courses like IT, Computer science or any other related courses don’t allow hunger to strangle you. This Phone Repair business will put you at a certain level.

#9 Software installation and Computer maintenance

If you have skills in installing software and repairing or maintaining computers this business is very lucrative. Find yourself a location or center where your clients can find you. In fact, you may land on a company or government contract to maintain their computers.

Capital needed here is to buy a computer, rent a place, and also download software. You may need other devices like flash disks, memory cards, and external hard drives. You can also advertise your business through social media such that your friends get to know about it.

#9 Live Stock Business

People haven’t realized that this is one of the most paying businesses in Uganda that needs less capital. Most especially if you decide to opt for goats raring, try this in one year, stay committed and once you rise 30 goats, just stay focused on your goats, you will see the world start to talk about your success.

Also, involve in Poultry and sheep rearing.You need some small land to start making to start your small farm

#10 Salon

Have you ever visited the top side of Majestic plaza on William street? Trust me you will be amazed by the number of beauty centers. This is a real business that will make you real money. People take looking good as a first priority, so involve in any either salon for men or women or Unisex. All will earn you cash.

#11 Photography

Most youths have started this business to earn a living. This business requires you to have a camera and a computer to edit photos. You need to be well acquitted with Photoshop or some applications that do photo edits. Take photos, take passport photos and start earning a living. You will diversify as your business acquires more customers

#12 Baking Business

I have grown up eating bread. This will always be part of a diet. Supermarkets, ceremonies, Schools, and many more events require cakes today. Get skilled and start generating money in the baking business. You may use a cheap oven for baking as you plan to buy a good baking machine when you grow your customer base.

#13 Become a tailor

Ugandans love fashion, so you need to be skilled in the tailoring field. As a tailor, once you have a sewing machine you won’t fail to get a place to operate. So in this business, you can start with 500,000UGX. Atypical sewing machine ranges from 300,000 to 500,000UGX. You can develop your shop later as you grow your customer base.

#14 Startup Beauty Shops

Sell makeups, hair groceries, smearing oils, and among others. When you start this business, I understand you will thank me later.

#15 Dry cleaning business

#16 Startup a Bar

#17 Production Of Candle Business

#18 Motivational Speaking

#19 Day Care

#20 Mobile disco and sound system

#21 Boda Boda

#22 Car wash and Parking

#23 Fast food business


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