Huen airport, Entebbe International Airport Changes name

In Tech, we can never, miss to talk about Aiports. A segment of Ugandans has woken up to a discussion on Twitter addressing whether Entebbe International Airport has been rebranded to Huen Airport.

One of the striking Ugandans that have been immersed in this twitter banter is NTV media character Andrew Kyamagero who tweeted, “Go to google and type “Huen airport” see the outcomes and have a decent day”.

At the point when somebody googles Huen airport, the direct outcome shown is Entebbe International Airport. Given the pitch of the word Huen, this might have prompted the theory and discussion among Ugandans that the country’s International Airport might have been auctions off to the Chinese.

More terrible still, this comes after reports flowed in the media estimating that Uganda remained to fail to keep a grip on Entebbe International Airport to Chinese banks more than a $350 million loan.

President Museveni remarks on the issue in a meeting with the Reuters news office at the National Leadership Institute (NALI) in Kyankwanzi on Dec. 04 endeavored to excuse asserts that the Airport had been “sold” to Chinese loan specialists who can assume responsibility for it if there should be an occurrence of default.

“I wonder which airport is to be taken and by who, “Museveni said, “I don’t recollect selling the airport for anything.”

Museveni additionally said immovably that Uganda has the ability to pay the Chinese obligation.

“Our terms of understanding are exceptionally clear,” he said, “Everything looks great, they will be paid.”

In any case, there should be less justification behind Ugandans to stress as Huen ends up being Entebbe International Airport’s ICAO airport code.

Has Entebbe International Airport Changed its name to Huen airport

The ICAO airport code or area pointer is a four-letter code assigning aerodromes all over the planet. These codes are characterized by the International Civil Aviation Organization and distributed in ICAO Document 7910: Location Indicators are utilized via airport regulation and aircraft activities, for example, flight arranging.

ICAO codes are likewise used to recognize other flying offices, for example, weather conditions stations, international flight administration stations or region control focuses, whether or not they are situated at airports. Flight data locales are likewise distinguished by an interesting ICAO code.

The International Civil Aviation Organization was framed in 1947 under the support of the United Nations, and it laid out flight data districts (FIRs) for controlling air traffic and making airport ID basic and understood.

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